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Dear Researcher,

As we all know, Educational Sciences is a field whose root dates back to times Before Christ. Education sciences aims to  examine the mankind having a considerably complex and differing structure and area targeted to be educated in all dimensions, and to develop and apply  convenient and effective education methods, atmosphere, approaches and theories. However, the studies on effective use of theories and approaches developed in engineering education field by educational sciences both in our country and the world are considerably limited.

In order to help acceleration of engineering education studies, Atılım University, Ankara University and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (USA) are organizing International Engineering Education Conference. The second one of this conference will be organized in Lara, Antalya between October 31 and  November 3, 2012, and it aims to create a sharing atmosphere reflecting studies conducted in the engineering education field in the world.

We invite you all to organize a workshop in the framework of the subject titles given in the conference site in general and to introduce your studies conducted in engineering education field at your university/institution in particular. For such contribution, please complete the form attached hereto and submit it to us.

You may access to more details about the conference from the following web site and the enclosed call for paper.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to be made to the 2nd  International Conference on Engineering Education : New Tendencies and Expectations (MEUK2012)


Prof. Dr. İsmail Bircan

Vice President

Atılım University, Ankara, Turkey



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