By Air:
You can easily get to Antalya. There are regular scheduled flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Antalya. It is also possible to get to Antalya by direct scheduled flights as well as charter flights from major cities in Europe. The distance between city center and the Antalya airport is approx. 10km. Antalya has two international terminals. They are located near to each other. Between them, there is a free shuttle service operating 24 hours a day. You can get more detailed information about domestic and international flights to/from Antalya by link.
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By Road: 
We can say that using intercity coaches is one of the most suitable way of the internal transportation in Turkey. Coach services are reasonably priced. You can easily access Antalya from any part of the country. Reaching Antalya takes approx. 12 hours from Istanbul, 7 hours from Ankara and 6 hours from Izmir by using major routes. The main Antalya bus station is located in 4 km north from the city center. We can say that the quality of coach services is quite high and relatively cheap.
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By Rail:
Train journey is also possible and it can be made to Istanbul directly from and via some of the major cities in Europe. But please note that the nearest train station to Antalya is at Burdur and you still need to use a coach servicing from Burdur to Antalya.

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By Boat: 
Gettting to Antalya by boat is another alternative. Besides from private yachts sailing in from all over the world, there are numerous cruises in the Mediterranean and several shipping companies have regular services to the port of Antalya.

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Visa Requirements to Enter Turkey:
Turkish government requires visa from citizens of certain countries. You can access the details from the following web site and learn about the visa requirements to be admitted to Turkey.

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